Tis the season of hiking, camping, outdoor sports and activities! Make sure you have your Yarrow First Aid Spray on hand and ready at all times regardless the occasions.

It is so easy to make even at the last minute, just whip up a batch of yarrow tea – a good strong one. Add it to a spray bottle and voila you have a ready made herbal spray for the bumps, bruises, scratches and owies!

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Yarrow offers some of these amazing healing properties: astringent, analgesic, styptic, febrifuge and antibacterial. All of these offer some great healing for those scrapes and bumps. Astringent helps dry up a bloody scratch and reduce inflammation, along with styptic which promotes blood clotting, analgesic is a pain reliever, and antibacterial will help so infection won’t set in. As a febrifuge, if necessary and a fever were to set in, you could drink it and it could help keep the fever under control until you could get other help. And all of this, is not even the limit of what this little beauty can do. But for now, it will suffice.

Don’t go camping without it!