My name is Davilyn, owner and operator of Bitter Sweet Herbals.

I have always loved nature and plants. When I grew up in Southern Alberta, on a farm, we had a big, no a huge garden that my dad always took care of, and he taught us to care for it as well. I learned so much from him about plants and their medicinal properties. One of my favorite things still to this day is to talk to him about the plants growing wild in the prairies, what we can eat, and what we could survive on if we had to. It has always been one of my favorite memories, but also some of my favorite learning moments. This is a photo of 4 generations doing that amazing farm walk with my dad, daughter and grandson, and learning about the important things of life.

After I got married, I raised 6 children and we always had a big garden too. One of the things I have always tried to teach my own kids, as I homeschooled them all at one point or another, is to love gardening. Some of they took to it, and others, well, not so much. We haven’t always had a garden space per say, but I have made do with planting in pots, or sharing garden space with someone else. Gardening is definitely one of my passions.

For the last 25 years or so, I started making herbal remedies and was determined to be self-taught in all things herbal, with the hopes that I might actually get into courses and education to become a real herbalist – but not just that – I wanted to become a “Master Herbalist”, and was just waiting for the right time. And now I am doing it! Iam working towards my Master Herbal Certificate from The Herbal Academy online, and you will find me sharing some of my thoughts and the things I have learned, right here in this blog. I love it!

One of my other passions is to write. I have written for and maintained many blogs through the years, on various topics. I have finally narrowed my two loves down to herbals – Bitter Sweet Herbals – and preparedness “Inch by Inch Preparedness“, which I still maintain and try to write on as much as possible, with the hopes that soon they will be my sole 2 passions in life and I can do them full time. You can find my books here on Amazon, and here as downloads on Etsy. In the mean time, I work in kindergarten shaping those little minds and trying to help them be the best they can be. I truly love it, and it has been one of my loves for the past 10 or so years.